CrossFit Odyssey

CrossFit is a regimen of constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity in a communal environment leading to health and fitness.


CrossFit begins with a belief in fitness. A fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. A fitness that has each of us being able to perform in life those things which give us pleasure…playing with your children or grandchildren, learning new sports and activities (paddleboarding anyone?), gardening, hiking, and many more. The work we do, the skills we learn, the strength we build prepare us for physical contingencies, mental challenges and stress reactions beyond our control. We specialize in not specializing. Each workout is unique and challenging for every participant from children to adults…from grandparents all the way down. Each workout can be scaled and adapted for every participant. Each workout is coached by expert trained and caring coaches who specialize in getting you better.

CrossFit is the community that arises spontaneously when people meet and begin this work. It becomes a tribe that creates and perpetuates itself. It is a tribe that values each member from the newest and weakest to the strongest and oldest. It is this component of community, this shared vision of being better, this ethereal component that makes CrossFit so effective.

We offer the following CrossFit Classes:

CrossFit Kids – ages 6-14
CrossFit Personal Training


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