Michelle Rodgers

2014-11-9-257 michelle

December’s Extraordinary Athlete is Michelle Rodgers. Michelle has been at CrossFit Odyssey for about 6 months now. When she began, like most of you, she had a very difficult time with every WOD. But she had one thing that gave her an edge… A good friend, Kate, doing it with her.

When Michelle began doing CrossFit she was drinking 2- 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke per day! Some of you might think it’s okay since it’s Diet, but the truth is the Diet stuff is just as bad, if not worse. Not only does it have chemicals in it that are horrible for your body, but it actually makes you crave sugar, thereby bludgeoning all plans of a healthy diet. Kate convinced Michelle to cut out the Diet Coke and see how she felt. I am telling you – I have never seen such a drastic immediate transformation! Her skin looked brighter and healthier and she looked renewed.2014-11-9 268

After a while Michelle started getting good at CrossFit. She started getting stronger and those burpees weren’t quite as daunting as they used to be. She took the October Fitness Challenge and came in 2nd Place. She lost a total of 3 inches all over her body and now I can see back muscles!20141206-154141.jpg

What’s really great is that Michelle is enjoying the process and having fun and seeing changes in the rest of her life – like when she went to the golf range and hit a ball further than she ever had before!

That’s what this is about. No one cares how many push-ups you can do, but they love to see you out living life to its fullest and having fun!

Way to go Michelle!


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