Sharon Hughes

sharon hughesNovember’s Extraordinary Athlete is Sharon Hughes. Sharon is about to celebrate her 55th birthday this month. She is a mother and a grandmother but she looks and acts like she is about 35. Sharon is actually pretty new to CrossFit Odyssey, but what we really love is how she has taken the bull by the horns! Sharon’s first week was a lot of burpees and a lot of pullups – and you all know how much everyone loves those. We scaled her way back to start, but she picked it up incredibly fast!

Tough Mudder - Tiff's Camera 063If you don’t know Sharon, you will have to get to know her. it doesn’t take long to figure out that when Tough Mudder - Tiff's Camera 059she wants to accomplish something, she is going to do it. Fear is not a word that is a part of her vocabulary. It wasn’t two months before Sharon got her first pullup. Now she has 2 or 3! She even signed up for the Tough Mudder after only about a month of CrossFit!. For those of you who don’t know the Tough Mudder, it is a 13 mile obstacle race designed by special forces to test your mental toughness (see last moth’s article: Why YOU Should Do the Tough Mudder or Something Like it). Just signing up for a race like this is the first hurdle. But Sharon made the commitment and showed up and conquered in style! She attempted every single obstacle and completed all of them except for the monkey bars, where she slipped and fell into the water. She battled icy water, deep, disgusting mud and electric shock and she finished strong!

Sharon is also a great friend and supporter to everyone at the gym. She cheers everyone on, she makes friends, she comes to happy hours and she has even tried to help a couple of people with their job searches. She is always early or on time and she never skips her workout, even if she had a little too much fun the night before.

So if you meet Sharon, giver a pat on the back and tell her “way to go”! She is on the path to extraordinary… and oh what a ride it is… especially in that cute little Porsche she just bought! PS… I want a ride!

2014-9-20 One Year Celebration 171


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