The Majorie Family

2014-4-18 022At CrossFit Odyssey we talk a lot about family, so for the month of July, the Athletes of the Month are the whole Majorie Family – Frank, Nancy, Adam, Mary, Chris, Brett, and even little Mary Claire. And that is just a few of them!

This is a family to be reckoned with. Nancy came to CrossFit Odyssey first. She is 53 and she quite often sets the score to be beaten for the day. The young guys are often 2014-4-18 011distraught when they find out she could be thier mother… and has sons their age.

Frank joined right after Nancy. He has lost 7 loop holes in his belt – in fact, he had to buy new belts! I asked him how much he has lost, but he said he didn’t take measurements in the beginning because he didn’t want to know how bad it was in the beginning. I can honestly tell you, NO ONE works as hard as Frank does in the gym. This guy is a beast. He used to play soccer and you can tell he has the built in agility and muscle memory to make him successful. And he never whines or complaines or gives up. He pushes and pushes and he is seeing results like you wouldn’t believe!

Last week I wrote “Do as I do”, about how we should set the example for our kids and live the life full of passion and health the way we want our kids to live. Well, Frank and Nancy did just that and guess who followed ?

2014-4-22 104Mary, one of their daughters-in-law, was the next to join. Mary often works out with Nancy and the two of them take turns taking care of little baby Mary Claire and they push each other, encourage each other and laugh their hearts out through out the entire WOD. They are a joy to watch!

Adam, Mary’s husband and Frank and Nancy’s son, was next and you could tell he came in wondering what the heck had his whole family in such an uproar. I really don’t think he expected to love it, but very soon I heard him saying he looks forward to the workout every day. I have also noticed, he is getting stronger, fast!!! That’s one of the benefits of youth – the muscle memory is much nearer so it all comes back much more quickly.

Finally, came young Chris. He has only been in a few times over the summer as he is beginning his senior year in high school and is a very active lacrosse player. But the2014-6-20 079 kid comes in and puts it all out there on the floor every time just like the rest of his family.

Right now the whole family is in New Jersey enjoying some summertime fun and can you guess what they took with them? A list of travel WODs that they could all do together! Now, I don’t know about you, but I would love to be a fly on the wall at that family dinner table when they are all comparing scores!

And that is really what it is all about – making health and fitness fun again. No one gets excited to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for a hour. Sometimes people get excited to go for a walk or a run together – it’s a social thing. But when you add the mix up of the workout and trying new things and keeping your mind and body guessing it becomes a big game – and games are always more fun.

So here is to the Majorie Family. I hope you guys are having a blast in New Jersey and we can’t wait to see you here again!


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