Mark and Tiffany Westerman


In honor of Valentines Day we decided to have a couple for our athletes of the month. Mark and Tiffany Westerman have been CrossFitting for about 3 years now. They came to us from CrossFit Citadel in east Texas.

Mark started CrossFit in Shreveport, LA in June of 2011. He had tried several diets that he couldn’t sustain and when he returned to his regular diet, he regained the weight. After researching online he decided to give CrossFit a try. It was hard and slow at first, but he began seeing results almost immediately. The coaches were talking about the Paleo diet, which he thought sounded like good food, “normal” and sustainable. Tiffany supported him at home by cooking great Paleo meals and he began losing weight so fast she couldn’t keep track.

In February of 2013, while living in Longview, TX, Mark finally convinced Tiffany to give CrossFit a try. She was enjoying spin classes and didn’t feel like she needed to lose any weight. “I went for my CrossFit analysis and learned what “skinny fat” meant and it was me!” she said. Her first 3 minute workout was a huge eye opener. She was also home with the kids and making a dinner for the kids, a dinner for Mark (on his crazy diet) and something else for herself. When she finally decided to give it a try herself, she was very unsure of whether or not she would be a believer, but it didn’t take long.

Now Mark and Tiffany are almost completely Paleo. They crossFit about 5 days a week. Tiffany just got her unassisted pullups for the first time about 2 weeks ago, but she has been making strides a little at a time for a while now. To date Mark has lost 75 pounds and a few notches in his belt. Tiffany has lost 25 pounds and two dress sizes. By CrossFitting together they challenge each other not only in the workouts, but in just getting to the gym. They are excited to see each other succeed and try new things. They also support each other in the diet. The whole family is now mostly Paleo and they love experimenting with new recipes and restaurants, “Once you’ve done it for a month you can do it forever!”

Finally, Mark and Tiffany love their CrossFit communities. They still keep in touch with their CrossFit trainers and friends from their former gyms and have enjoyed making new friends here. They are also looking forward to competing in the CrossFit Open and seeing where they stand with CrossFitters around the world! They have even signed up for the Tough Mudder in October!

Mark and Tiffany are a great example of what CrossFit  can do for you. So come join us!


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